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Pineview Water Systems
471 West 2nd Street
Ogden, UT 84404
Phone: 801-621-6555
Fax: 801-621-6558

Welcome to Pineview Water Systems-

Pine View Water Systems is composed of three entities: The Ogden River Water Users Association; The South Ogden Conservation District; and The Weber- Box Elder Conservation District. Each of these three entities is a corporation with a separate Board of Directors elected by the shareholders served by each organization. The Ogden River Water Users Association, a non-profit organization, was incorporated according to the Business Corporation Act of Utah, and the two Conservation Districts were organized according to Title 73, Chapter 7 of the Utah Code Annotated 1953.  A General Manager is directly responsible to each Board of Directors for the entire operation of the three organizations.

An executive committee, composed of the President of each Board and two additional directors, is established each year to coordinate management of the Pine View Water Systems at the Board level between the three organizations.






Pine View Water Systems will begin turning water into the canals and reservoirs on April 13, 2015. The distribution system will be filled beginning Tuesday, April 14, 2015. Due to the extensive nature of the system it will take seven to ten days to have all the systems filled with water. Due to leaks and other unknown circumstances it may take longer to make repairs and pressurize the system.


All users should have their individual master valves closed prior to April 10, 2015.


It is the responsibility of each water user to maintain their own master valve and replace it if necessary as well as keeping it clearly marked and accessible. Any user who has a booster pump should install a low water cut off switch in case water is not in the system for any reason to avoid damage to the pump. If District personnel are required to turn off a master control valve to prevent damage or the wasting of water, a service charge

of $50 will be made by the District.

Residential and Pressure System Users: NO WATERING between 10:00 a. m. and 6:00 p.m. Daily

Please practice water conservation every day as part of your lifestyle. All users are asked to conserve water as a standard practice. Please delay watering until absolutely necessary.


Secondary water is for use on landscaping only. Any other use, such as for pools, water features, evaporative coolers, etc., is prohibited. Secondary water should never be consumed.


For additional information on water scheduling and conservation please visit There is a lower then average water supply this year du to the extended lack of precipitation in our mountain watershed. Please only water as needed throughout the irrigation season. Additional Restrictions may be required.


Anyone determined to be negligently wasting water will have their service terminated for the year and a $500 re-connection fee will be charged the following year.  The water season will  end on October 15, 2015 unless otherwise notified.


If there are any questions or you notice any leaks please call 621-6555,  our regular office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. weekdays. For emergency calls only after regular office hours and on weekends during the water season call 801-791-8688.


Pine View Water Systems:

Ogden River Water Users Association

South Ogden Conservation District

Weber-Box Elder Conservation District


Monthly Water Conservation Tip


Close Your Master Valves and Hose Bibs to prevent flooding in your yards. As we will be turning water into our systems starting April 16, 2013

Emergency Contact Information

Day Time (8am - 5pm):


Fax: 801-621-6558
After Hours: 801-791-8688